Drones Or Humans- What’s The Best Choice For Wildlife Monitoring?

Here’s another PRO Drone article, that many of you will smile at!

There has been a steady increase in the use of drones for conservation purposes, from watching out for elephant poachers in Africa to looking for orangutans in Indonesia. The drones are able to monitor areas out of reach for humans and get a much wider view than someone on the ground could, but are surveys and monitoring operations carried out with drones actually more accurate and effective than operations carried out by trained human scientists and conservationists on the ground? According to recent research, it looks like a win for the drones!

The counts done with the drones were more consistent than the ones taken on the ground. Researchers said the aerial view reduced the likelihood that birds would be missed by terrain or other birds blocking the line of sight. This study shows that when used by scientists, aerial camera drones can be an important tool in ecological studies and conservation planning,

Another important aspect the study focused on was whether the drones startled the animals as they flew over.There have unfortunately been instances where recreational drones were used to record wildlife and the animals were startled and endangered. The researchers saw no signs of startling during the surveys, which is important not just for the well-being of the animal but also for accuracy.


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