Japan’s Police Now Chasing Drones With Aerial Nets


Tokyo Police have launched their first anti-drone capture squad, a team designed to enforce new rules banning drones from dense urban areas. In an effort to clear the skies of illegal drones, they have employed large drones of their own, built to catch the offending craft in the act. If that sounds like it’d be sleek, that’s exactly wrong. Here’s what a police drone catching a quadcopter with a net actually looks like !

Can we assume that the upper ranks of the massive Japanese police force have nothing better to do with their time?

From what I’ve read, the police are concerned about the number of UAV’s flying around in restricted air spaces, so with that in mind, they have put together a drone swat team of professional drone pilots who specialize in sky patrol & will have a set of restricted zones which they will now patrol,spot and capture the elusive drones over the skies of Tokyo.


ImagePhoto by techspy.com

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