Tiny Delivery Drone Does 45 MPH indoors & Around Obstacles



FLA Program Takes Flight
Program to develop fast, lightweight autonomous UAV’s completes first flight data tests

DARPA ,The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, mentions that as advancements are made, the Massachusetts training course will grow more complex. Watch the entire clip embedded below if you’re a fan of expensive toys crashing into countless pieces.

One of its test drones on an indoor test flight where their ” little quadrocopter that could” zoomed around a cluttered warehouse in a Cape Cod Air Force base at 45 MP

This UAV uses a commercial model DJI, Flamewheel fitted with a 3DR Pixhawk autopilot for the airframe, among other adornments. Perhaps most impressive is that this unit is able to hit speed even carrying sonar, inertia sensors and an HD camera on such a small frame.

The program seeks to develop and demonstrate autonomous UAVs small enough to fit through an open window and able to fly at speeds up to 20 meters per second (45 miles per hour) — while avoiding objects within complex indoor spaces independent of communication with outside operators or sensors and without reliance on GPS.”


Image courtesy of darpa.mil

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