Using 3DR Solo For Photography ? Creative Photos Tips Revealed


Here’s a great tip sheet for those drone aerial still shots, which are clearly not as numerous as the drone videos being produced, but still have a large following who enjoy still over video, and our trusty drones will get you there!

You obviously edit a lot of motion graphics, much more so than stills. Do you find the processes are similar, or do you use totally different software/filters/features. There are certainly similarities between producing video or motion graphics based content and shooting aerial photography. If its a warm landscape, you can brighten the highlighted areas and add some color temperature to make the image feel warmer, attempting to capture the feeling of the environment when you shot it.

With panoramic images, having some kind of major feature or something that stands out helps give the image character. It also helps establish scale. When you see something man-made, like a skyline or a pier, break the landscape in a panoramic image, it gives you more information about the surrounding landscape. You can start to tell a story in that single image.

Have you thought about these questions and needed an answer?

When you’re shooting photos, what are your preferred GoPro settings?

What are your favorite fisheye removal techniques?

Any favorite plugins or filters others might enjoy experimenting with?

Any tips and tricks for users on composition? How do you space your photos for proper framing?

What software do you use for stitching together panoramas?

What other post-processing do you do once the stitch is completed?

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